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Frequently Asked Questions
Do we get to know if we have passed the exam on the day of the course? 
No, the examinations have to be sent to the Awarding Bodies to be marked and then they produce he certificates. This process usually takes approximately 4 weeks.
Please note that certificates are not sent if invoices remain unpaid.
What happens if I fail the exam?
You can either resit the examination again, or retake the course at a reduced rate.
Do I need a hygiene certificate?
All food handlers must have training before they handle food. However it is not a legal requirement to undertake a formal food hygiene course but it is recognition that training to a nationally recognised standard has been achieved.
How long does my Level 2 certificate last?
There is no time limit on your certificate. Under the Industry Guides it is recommended that refresher training is undertaken every 3 years
Do food business have to carry out and record HACCP?
The new Food Safety regulations 2005 require all food business to put in place, implement and maintain food safety management procedures based on the HACCP principles. HACCP focuses on identifying the critical control points in a process where food safety problems (or hazards) could arise and puts steps in place to prevent things from going wrong. Keeping records is also an important part of a HACCP system.
What is a high risk food?
Foods which are particularly liable to the growth of food poisoning bacteria, especially ready to consume food, high in protein and moisture.
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